What is meant by autorhythmicity?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is meant by autorhythmicity?
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Does the skeletal muscle exhibits autorhythmicity?


The term means the cells set their own rhythm?

Autorhythmicity - seen in cardiac muscle cells.

What you mean by autorhythmicity?

The pacemaker is known as the SA node (sinotrial) and it generates action potentials to the AV node and then to the bundle of his down to the purkinje fibers. The branching of cardiac muscle tissue and the intercalated discs allow action potentials to propagate to other cardiac mt cells. The autorhythmicity of the heart is attributed to the fact that it creates its own action potentials from the SA node and can be generated independently from the rest of the body. The heart's autorhythmicity also prevents it from reaching tetanus (like a skeletal muscle does), because myocardial tissue only allows a certain amount of action potentials through before it reaches its absolute refractory period when it comes to a plateau and after the wave drops again and gets hit with another action potential it has already rested.

What are pacemaker cells in the human body?

They Are A Special Group Of Nerve Cells. Nerve Signals From The Brain Control The Pacemaker, Making It Go Faster Or Slower When Required. Specialist cells in the heart which have autorhythmicity.

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