What is meaning of fertile?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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The power to reproduce in kind or to assist in reproduction and growth. Applied figuratively, it suggests readiness of invention and development.

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Q: What is meaning of fertile?
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What is the meaning of the name sharonica?

It is Hebrew meaning "a fertile plain"

What is the spanish meaning of vega?

fertile valley (from babelfish)

What is the meaning of good land in idioms?

fertile land

What is Swahili word for fertile?

Swahili doesn't have an adjective with the meaning "fertile" but expresses the idea with a noun,totuba. He has a fertile farm: analo shamba lenye rotuba. (He has a farm that has fertility.)

How will you know if you ever have pregnancies?

You go to the doctor and take a fertility test. The results will show whether you're fertile or sterile, fertile meaning you can make babies, and sterile meaning you will never be able to have children.

What is the meaning of the Spanish word Vegas in English?

It means "fertile plains" or "meadows".

What does JDA stand for?

the name jda means,fertile which is in meaning of; having many babies(;

What 2 colors of land was Egypt divided into?

Red. Meaning the desert.Black. Meaning the fertile lands. The Egyptians colour of life was also black.

The meaning of fertility?

The state or quality of being fertile or fruitful; fruitfulness; productiveness; fecundity; richness; abundance of resources; fertile invention; quickness; readiness; as, the fertility of soil, or of imagination.

The village of Dobroplodno is called what is Bulgarian?

Selo Dobroplodno (literary meaning in eng. Village 'Well Fertile')

What means between the river?

the answer to, what is the greek word meaning between two rivers is, mesopotamia, or the fertile cresent.

Meaning of fertile soil?

Omg,like i seriously like do not know but anyway let me make an educated guessFertile soil is when the soil is not rich in nutrients .The oppsite of fertile soil is fertilizated soil.Hope i helped!