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Q: What is mark todd favourite colour?
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What is mark wright favourite colour?


What is mark sallings favourite colour?

Mark Sallings favorite color is blue

What are you Kiss favorite colors?

Eli’s favourite colour is purple.DongHo’s favourite colour is pink.Kevin’s favourite colour is blue.Kiseop’s favourite colour is black.Soohyun’s favourite colour is red.AJ’s favourite colour is blue.Hoon hasn't told us what his favourite colour is yet

What is noah Cyrus's favourite colour?

miley's favourite colour isPINK

What is Harry Styles' favourtie color?

Pink, Niall admitted it on Facebook. Niall's favourite colour is Green Liam's favourite colour is Purple Zayn's favourite colour is Blue Louis' favourite colour is Red (Preferably Dark)

What are the colors of bratz?

What do you mean? What are their ethnicies, or what are their favourite colours? Because: Yasmin is Latin American, and her favourite colour is green Sasha is African American, and her favourite colour is violet. Jade is Asian American, and her favourite colour is red. Cloe is American, and her favourite colour is blue Hope I helped! :-)

What is claire holts favorite color?

her favourite colour is blue her favourite colour is blue my fav colour is blue too!

Where was Mark Todd born?

March the 1st

What is zac efrons favourite colour?

PURPLENo it is not it is blue

What is connie talbots favourite colour?

Turquoise is her favourite

Why is Anne Frank's favorite color white?

Her favourite colour was not white. Her favourite colour was red. Her famous diary was even red. Why is your favourite colour what it is?... ... Exactly, you can't explain it. Nobody is even sure why humans have favourite colours, favourite numbers and so on.

Is mark todd in the 2008 Olympics?

mark todd was in the 2008 olympics. his mount was gandalf