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Maganimity is essentially the quality of being a great person-- someone who refuses to be petty and will always do what is right and necessary. To some people, it is a life goal to become magnanimous. Others shun this in favor of a more pragmatic, conserving lifestyle.

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Q: What is magnanimity to some people?
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What does magnanimity?

Magnanimity means generosity. Both sides will have to show magnanimity to solve this situation. You should demonstrate magnanimity to your enemies.

What is a sentence for magnanimity?

The donor demonstrated his magnanimity when he gave a million dollars to the new children's hospital.

What is the analogy for tolerance?


How do you form a sentence with magnanimity?

Even in his nineties, Nelson Mandela has a magnanimity that delivered South Africa from shame to peace and prosperity.

Is Magnanimity a form of exaggeration?


How would you use magnanimity in a sentence?

The magnanimity of the store owner was great; he did not press charges on the robber once he received an apology.Magnanimity is a word which means great graciousness. It conjures an image of Kings and gracious acceptance. "Marcy accepted the accolades with magnanimity."

What is a sentence with the word magnanimity in it?

Magnanimity means generosity, liberality in bestowing gifts. Here is a sentence example: His youngest son was always rather lazy and seemed to have no problem living off his father's magnanimity. Here is another example: After the devastating earthquake, unaffected parts of the country showed amazing magnanimity and aid packages just flooded in for weeks.

What symbol represents magnanimity?

Pie or 3.1TT

What does karam mean?

Noble Nature. Magnanimity

What are some synomyns for philosophy?

To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts but to lead a life of simplicity, magnanimity and trust.Henry David Thoreau.

How could a magnate show magnanimity?

By becoming a philanthropist.

What is the antonym of magnanimity?

'Meanness' is one possible answer.