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Vinyl flooring can last up to 10 or 15 years if it is installed on a smooth solid surface in a low to medium traffic area.

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Q: What is life expectancy of vinyl flooring?
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Do wooden blinds have a longer life expectancy than vinyl blinds?

Wooden blinds will have a life expectancy twice as long as vinyl blinds.

Is vinyl flooring hard to install?

Installing vinyl flooring is hard if does not get tips and step-by-step instructions to help with installing vinyl sheet flooring.

What is the life expectancy of vinyl blinds?

They can last up to 20 years.

How long does the average vinyl flooring last?

Vinyl flooring has a life span of approximately 15 years. This is a much shorter life span than linoleum, which can last as long as 40 years with proper care.

Is vinyl flooring cat proof?

Vinyl is probably the only cat proof flooring!

What is the life span of vinyl flooring?

a good quality vinyl well looked after should last over 20+ years

What is the life expectancy of hardwood flooring?

Solid 3/4" flooring with proper care and refinishing can last upwards of 100 years.

Is vinyl flooring the cheapest type of flooring you can get?

Vinyl flooring or tile is a pretty cheap flooring option. However painted concrete flooring is also inexpensive and can be very attractive if done nicely.

How should one prepare a floor before putting down new vinyl flooring?

It depends on the type of floor that you are putting down the vinyl flooring on top of. If it is concrete, then make sure it is clean, dry and repair any cracks or holes. If the old vinyl flooring is in good repair then just put the new vinyl flooring over it or use an embossing leveler for slightly worn vinyl flooring. If the old vinyl flooring is in very poor shape remove it completely. Plywood underlayment can be used for other types of flooring that you will put new vinyl flooring down on top of.

What is woven vinyl flooring

woven vinyl flooring is new flooring created by pvc, which is ecological, waterproof, fire resistent etc,

What types of flooring does Armstrong make?

Armstrong flooring makes many different types of flooring with different subsections in each. 6 types of flooring Armstrong makes are vinyl, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl.

What stores in Birmingham west midlands can you buy vinyl flooring?

You can buy vinyl flooring from any carpet shop.