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Ben J's real name is Earl Benjamin

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Q: What is legacy and his partners real names from new boys?
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Why do the boys prefer their nicknames to their real names?

the boys like real names from there nicknames

What are the new boys real name?

Legacy - dominick benj - benjamin

What is the full names from new boys?

Ben J's real name is Earl Benjamin (taller dark skinned one) and Legacy's real name is Dominic Thomas ( shorter light skinned one).

What is the new boys real names?

melvin , mife, time scale , ya mam , whale, piggy, snooker,

What is new boys real last name?

Legacy: Thomas Ben J: Benjamin

What is the new boyz real names?

Ben_J: Earl "Ben J" Benjamin Legacy:Dominic "Legacy" Thomas ^^^^Dat They Real Names Damn^^^^^^^^

New boyz you a jerk What is there real name?

The real names of legacy and ben j. Are nonya look on daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

What are the boys Names In real life from glee?

ugly1 ugly2 and so on

What is green day boys real names?

Dewey, Drippy, and Ding Dong.

What is newstar Richie's real name?

The Newstar boys' real names are different than their Newstar names. Newstar Richie's name in real life is Erik. Richie is only his name that is used for Newstar.

What is legacy from new boyz real name?

Legacy's real name is Dominic Thomas

What are the twin boys real names in the show full house?

They were actually girls. Their names are Mary-Kate Olson and Ashley Olson.