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Q: What is just like skin that keeps theg germs out of your body?
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How does white blood cells protect your body from germs?

They are like little soldiers they "fight" off the germs

Is calamansi can kill germs?

Calamansi can kill germs because of its acid. Just like vinegar...^_*

Can dogs get people germs?

yes. the reason is because they are like humans in a way. just like you can get germs from dogs. dogs can get germs from you too. we are catagorized as animals. so are they.

Why do you need germs on your body?

The human body can handle some germs in the body it helps the body learn to fight and build up an immunity. The body will learn what is foreign like a bacteria and fight against it to promote health. A flu shot is putting a little bit of the flu germs in our body so the body can build up antibodies against it.

Are germs animals?

No germs are not animals. Animals HAVE germs, just like us! Have you heard of a micro - organism? This is a type of germ. Like your poo, it has lots of germs in it and that's why you have to wash your hands after going to the toilet because you can get seriously ill and you can spread the germs around for other people to pick up. BUT NO ANIMALS ARE GERMS!

Is sushi bad for the body?

It's bad if it has gross germs and stuff in it. Like tapeworms!

What keeps a dolphin warm in the water?

Just like all sea mammals, a layer of blubber (fat) keeps the animal warm. This serves as insulation, trapping the animal's body heat inside.

Is snot good for you?

(if you really want to know) the truth is some people say snot is bad for you because it is putting germs strait into you body while others are saying it is good because it works like a medicine in your body SOOOO..... really it is up to you if you think it sounds OK to eat go for it if you think the opposite like most people JUST DONT EAT IT!

Does acid in the stomach kill germs?

Stomach acid kills some germs, or microbes, but there are some, like Helicobacter pyloris, that do just fine in stomach acid.

What kills germs?

Preventative measures like proper handwashing and cleaning the physical environment either kill or keep germs from multiplying. When germs infect the body, antibiotics can kill or control the infection/germs. However, because germs have been repeatedly exposed to the agents we use to combat germs, many germs have mutated and no longer respond to the usual agents. This is why doctors have become reluctant to give antibiotics.

Why is fruit important to your body?

fruit is important to your body because it will keep you fit and healthy and you will live longer just like they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! by kalisha age:11

What keeps cold germs alive and what do they live on?

Cold germs are viruses which are not alive like bacteria and some other germs are. Viruses are essentially a group of chemicals, proteins, and genetic materials that work together as an infectious organism. They can only function inside a host animal or plant and they use the materials and actions of the invaded cells of the host to replicate themselves. So the thing that keeps the cold viruses "alive" and provides the viruses with the materials they need to replicate, is the host.