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Q: What is it when the effects that good and bad actions have on a person's soul?
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What is the force created by a person's actions called?

Answer karma Definition: in Buddhism and Hinduism, the effects that good or bad actions have on a person's soul

Is the Hindu belief that actions affect a persons soul?

Not actually, but they believe that actions effect their reincarnation. Bad activities takes you away from spiritual maturity.

What is the nature of the soul for Hinduism and Buddhism?

The soul, according to man's actions in life, either is reincarnated into more suffering or if he or she has done good actions, become one with the universe.

Can a persons soul be an angel from your past life?

A persons soul is an integrel part of the individual. An angel is a separate entity. So the answer is no

Does Barack Obama have a soul?

According to most religious/ spiritual sources and cultures -All living creatures have a soul. Therefore, by default Obama does indeed have a soul. Whether someone's soul is good or bad depends on their, character, beliefs and actions...

What is the chief effect of this final stanza from The Soul Selects her own Society?

It creates a disharmony that echoes the unsociable actions of the soul..... :)

What is when after death a persons soul is placed into a new body?


What happens if a person loses their soul?

First we must understand just what the soul is. Both the body and the spirit which inhabits the body are referred to as the Soul of man. No one ever looses their soul, because of the atonement of Christ all will be reunited with their body and spirit. What one looses is not returning the the presence of God when we die, but only have the attendance of Christ or the Holy Spirit. Have no fear my friend your body and souls will always be together, the important thought is where will they spend the eternities. Answer: According to some Eastern believe, the ultimate soul of living entity is the memory store of all of our unspent karmic energy. The Natural Law of Karma governs the occurence of good and bad effects in consequence of corresponding good and bad intentional actions done by a living being. These actions create kammic energy which are stored in our soul until they are spent at the right time.

When in love is it possible to enter another persons soul while kissing?


How is the spirit different from the soul?

our soul is the eternal part of ours which unites us with God. we have a spirit of choice by choosing our actions.

How did they add the blood in soul surfer?

Special effects

What do Sikhs believe when they dies?

Sikhs believe that every creature has a Soul; on death, the Soul is passed from one body to another until Liberation. The journey of the Soul is governed by the deeds and actions that we perform during our lives. If we perform good deeds and actions and remember the Creator, we attain a better life. On the contrary, if we carry out evil actions and sinful deeds, we will be incarnated in "lower" life forms - snakes, ghosts, animals, etc. The person who has evolved to spiritual perfection attains salvation - union with God.