What is is monogamous?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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think about it.. mono... one.... one thing.... example: custard, when made right, is monogamous.

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Q: What is is monogamous?
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Are egrets monogamous?

egrets are monogamous

Are tapeworm monogamous?

Yeah, only them and people is monogamous

Are sharks monogamous?

Yes. Bonnethead Sharks are monogamous which leads to the conclusion that other sharks may also be monogamous.

How do you spell monogamous?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective monogamous(having one wife or mate).

Are sparrows monogamous?

The House Sparrow is monogamous and mates for life .

Can you give me a sentence using the word monogamous?

the monogamous is a word that have a difficult pronounciation

What is a monogamous bird?

If you are looking for the definition, monogamous is a bird with only one mate. If you are looking for an example, a well-known monogamous bird is the bald eagle.

How do you use monogamous in sentence?

She was never monogamous, she always had multiple partners at the same time.

Are humans monogamous?

ANSWER: I think not all human are monogamous. We all have our own reason and most of the time we stick by our belief. Why are some monogamous, no one knows except those people who are doing it. As well as making an excuse or even good reason why they are monogamous...

Do you have to be married to have a monogamous relationship?


What is the opposite of polygamous?


Are macaws monogamous?