What is inadequate answer?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is inadequate answer?
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What are three examples of the word inadequate?

His grades were inadequate. The food provided inadequate nourishment. Money was inadequate to finance the venture.

What is a sentence for inadequate?

With Bernard, of course, anger was inadequate

Can you use inadequate in a sentence?

This meal was quite delicious, but inadequate- I'll have another, please! The ensign's capabilities were inadequate for the task at hand.

Is inadequate good or bad?

Inadequate is bad, it is not enough to do well or succeed.

Is it ethical to develop a system using methods that are inadequate?

No. Not if you know they are inadequate.

What is a good sentence for the word inadequate?

He was inadequate in his delivery of a good eulogy.

A sentence with inadequate?

Sharon's performance review demonstrated her skills were inadequate. Inadequate means that Sharon's skills were not up to par with her employer's expectations.

What is inadequate evidence?

Evidence which is not sufficient to prove a contention to the standard required is inadequate.

What does this inadequate mean?

INADEQUATE : not sufficient, not suitable, or not good enough for the purpose. e.g. an inadequate power supply, or a textbook inadequate for the teaching of a course. *Psychology : low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, and self-doubt are exhibited by someone who feels 'inadequate', also referred to as ' feelings of inadequacy'.

Is this the correct spelling of inadequate?

Yes, that is the correct spelling of "inadequate" (not suited for use, or insufficient).

What is Inadequate supply?

An inadequate supply of something is that there is not enough. For instance, there is an inadequate supply of drinking water, if the water level in the reservoir keep running low, and the water has to be rationed.

What is formed as the result of inadequate carbohydrate consumption?

Ketones are formed as a result of inadequate carbohydrate consumption.