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Theres a higher chance of getting cancer if youre taller. barely any but there is. just a fact.

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Q: What is important in studying health?
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Why is studying the eaths layers important?

Studying earth's layer's is important. It gives us an insight about how the atmosphere works.

What is the most important gas when studying the atmosphere?

The most important gases when studying the atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen (as O2 and O3).

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

Give some important of studying mathematics in everyday life?

What is the important of studying research?

to have fun

Is SAT important for students studying literature in us?

Yes, the SAT is important for anyone who is studying in the United States. It is even more important for those who are studying literature. A big portion of the SAT is analyzing short passages and interpreting them.

What is the importance of studying living microorganisms?

There is great importance in studying living microorganisms. These microorganisms are responsible for your health and your digestion for example.

Significance of studying literature?

the advan tages of studying literature is literature

How important is the globe in studying geography?


Why is it important to have quiet study space?

Quiet studying is needed so that you can retain information. If you are distracted, you will forget what you are studying. It is important to have quiet study space so that you can focus. Distractions make studying less effective.

Why is EMR important when studying photosynthesis?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is important when studying photosynthesis because without sunlight emitting EMR photosynthesis cannot occur.

Why it is important for health care professionals to study psychology and sociology?

Studying psychology and sociology is essential to enable the health care professional to understand the needs and circumstances of the service user and to allow them to administrate the most effective treatment and care in the best interests of the patient.

What are the importance of studying smoking?

The continued study of smoking in important because of health consequences of the habit. Understanding the long term benefits of quitting is one of the best ways of measuring the effects of study.