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Hood spray is injection of water near the outlet part of the last stage of the low pressure turbine to prevent overheating of the turbine exhaust hood and blades when running at partial (less than 35%) load). This phenomena is caused by partially stalled steam flow at the blade roots (steam is recirculating with turbulence at those parts and heating up its self and the blades due to friction losses)

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Q: What is hood spray in steam turbine?
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Exhaustb hood spray in turbine?

It's the connection between the steam outlet of the turbine and the condenser to which it is attached.

What is purpose to spray in exhaust hood of steam turbine?

The purpose of exhaust hood spray is to decrease the temperature of steam turbine last stage that is probably LP. This is operate on low load specially at start up and shut down of steam turbine when the temperature at the outer most edge of the turbine blades of that stage is very high and As we know that the steam flow also decrease The temperature of turbine blade.

What is vaccume breaker in steam turbine?

A vacuum breaker is a check valve installed on the exhaust casing of a turbine. It opens to prevent the collapse of the exhaust hood when the turbine cools and the condensing steam produces a vacuum.

Why turbine blades are largenr in size at exhaust end?

Because the steam expands as it passes through the turbine. The steam velocity through the turbine is constant from steam chest to exhaust hood (though it changes in each stage). Thus, the space needed for the steam to expand needs to be expanded to correspond with that expansion of the steam.

Why extraction taken from steam turbine?

Why extractions are taken out from steam turbine.

Why would you not heat the steam coming out of turbine and feedback to turbine?

becouse this steam is use repetdly for the turbine

How steam turbine exhaust hood temp increased?

as the air passes through adiabatic compression volume shrinks and hence temperature rises

What are the preventive maintenance of steam turbine?

The preventive maintenance of steam turbine mainly entails frequent servicing of the parts. This will ensure a smooth performance of the steam turbine.

What type of cycle used in steam turbine?

Rankine cycle is used in steam turbine

What is heat rate of steam turbine How to calculate heat rate of steam turbine?


How does steam turbine works?

Steam or water, it works the reverse of a fan, where the fan pushes air down, the turbine is turned by the steam or water. there's a shaft leading from the turbine to the generator, which produces the electricity

Why you are maintain the vacuum in steam turbine explain me briefly?

why we are maintain vacuum in steam turbine at steam outlet or exhaust side