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noun.the state of being well, happy,or prosperous;wellfare

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Q: What is holistic definition of well being?
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Where can on find information about holistic definition?

You can find information about holistic definitions from various sources such as books on holistic health, websites related to holistic living or alternative medicine practices, and through reputable experts in the field of holistic health. Additionally, holistic health centers or practitioners often provide resources and information about holistic definitions and practices.

What is the definition of is holistic market?

The definition of a holistic market is one in which a marketing strategy is developed for a business as a whole.

The difference between negative and positive definitions of health?

positive-takes the health of the person on whole prospective, mind, body and soul. the state of a persons well being and health rather than just medical includes emotional too negative-takes the purely biomedical view on health where health=the absence of illness A Positive definition of health and well-being has to include the 'maintaining' of it. For example, Fern Britton could be viewed as an example of Positve health and well-being as although she is popular, has a loving family, and is obviously intelligent - she knew she needed to lose weight to improve her health and well being and did so successfully. So the 'maintenance' aspect of this definition is what makes it 'positive' otherwise it reads as a 'holistic' definition.

Why can't holistic approaches to well being and conventional health care be integrated?

Because in some cases they are contra-indicated and contradictory.

A combination of your physical mental and social well-being defines what?

Having a physical, mental and social well being is the definition of being a healthy person.

Contemporary definition of wellness?

overall well-being.

What is a antropologo?

Antropologogia is the study of the Holistic Human Being.

What is the meaning of Humanistic holistic?

Humanistic holistic refers to a perspective that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, and places value on the uniqueness and dignity of each individual. It focuses on the whole person and aims to promote overall well-being and personal growth.

What are the key features of the term 'Holistic'?

Holistic refers to considering the whole system or person rather than just individual parts. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of various aspects and the importance of addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Holistic approaches often incorporate diverse perspectives and treatments to promote overall health and wellness.

Positive health and well being?

A positive definition of health and well being is the achievement or gain of physical fitness and mental stability

Components of holistic marketing concept?

The components of holistic marketing are based on development, design, and implementation. Holistic marketing considers different customer requirements as well as caters to these different requirements.

A holistic definition of health?

holistic health means