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Q: What is hard that difficult to break?
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Why is it difficult to break the pinata?

It's hard to break a pinata because you're blindfolded.

Can you break your penis when it is hard?

Yes. But it's quite difficult

How hard is it to break up with someone?

It could be very difficult to break up with someone or it could be very hard to breakup with someone. It depends on the situation and the person or people involved.

Why is it so hard to recycle Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is designed not to break down, so making it break down into its chemical components is difficult.

Why use soft woods instead of hard woods?

because soft woods are difficult to break and they are soft

What is the Samoan translation of the English word 'tough'?

tough (meat) - fefeu; difficult - faigata; hard to break - ma'a'a

Difference between hardness and brittleness?

Hardness is the question of how difficult it is to make an impression on a substance. Brittleness is the question of how easy it is to break. Granite is a stone which is very hard but not brittle--it is hard to carve and also hard to break. A plank of wood is not as hard as stone but is not very brittle. You can carve on it with a knife but it won't shatter if you drop it. Glass is hard and brittle. Chalk is not hard but it is brittle.

What is the SECONED most difficult bone to break in your body?

most likely the pelvis because it is a very hard bone but skull is the hardest

Synonyms for the word hard?

Hard as in texture: Solid Hard as in difficult: Difficult, not easy.

What difficult skill in softball is hard to master?

Every difficult skill is hard to master.

When was Hard Habit to Break created?

Hard Habit to Break was created in 1984-07.

What word means difficult or hard to manage?

'Intractable' means difficult to manipulate, or hard to manage.