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Q: What is good morning in Burmese?
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What do the Burmese and Abyssinian cat breeds have in common?

The Burmese and Abyssinian are both playful cats and do good with children.

What is the lyric to good morning good morning to you and you?

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you, Good morning, good morning, good morning to you. Our day is beginning, there's so much to do, So, good morning, good morning, good morning to you.

What are the lyrics to the good morning good morning good morning song?

good morning/good morning/good morning to you/the day is beginning/theres so much to do/good morning good morning good morning to you/ the day is beginning theres so much to do! That's the lyrics i remember from kindergarten !

Is it Good morning or Good Morning?

In English we write "Good morning" in two separate words.

When was Good Morning Good Morning created?

Good Morning Good Morning was created on 1967-06-01.

Where Is a good place to buy pedigree burmeese kittens?

The best place to buy a pedigree Burmese kitten in through The Burmese Cat Club or The Burmese Cat Society..just Google these and the clubs page will come up.

What is burmese a breed of?

A burmese is a breed of cat. There is also a burmese python.

What is answer of good morning?

very good morning

Who sings this lyric Good good morning good good morning what a wonderful way to start each new day by saying good morning good morning to you?

Judy Garland

Is the burmese a dog or cat?

The Burmese is a cat.

How to say medicine in burmese?

Medicine is called "medikuntza" in Burmese. Burmese is spoken by people from Burma.

How do you say good morning in colombo?

good morning