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Anything above 125 LBS. is fine as long as there is no more then 15 LBS difference in any of the cylinders.

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Q: What is good compression on a used 1993 gm 350?
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How do you get 400 hp from a 350 Chevy?

Good compression, good heads, good cam.

Will 350 heads on a 305?

Not a good idea. 350 heads will lower compression to 7 to 1 or less.

350 Chevy compression?

The compression ratio of a 350 Chevy engine usually ranges from 8.0 and 9.0 to 1. This provides a good balance of fuel economy and power.

Why does my Yamaha wolverine 350 run good yet have no power?

Has no compression needs new rings

What is Compression specs for 1974 nova 350?

Compression ratio on a 1974 Chevy 350 in a Nova was 8.5:1.

What is the individual cylinder compression for a 350 Chevy engine?

around 80 ft.llbs. or higher is usually good.

What should be the compression in each cylinder of a good gm 350 engine?

Usually at least 140-150 lbs.

What is the compression ratio of a 1974 Chevy 350?

8.5 to 1 compression is factory stock.

What is the combustion chamber size of a 1993 350?

1993 350 what? check

How can you be sure you have compression stroke and what is the right mark for 1970 350 truck motor?

Remove a spark plug and crank the engine over by hand until you feel compression coming out of the spark plug hole. That is the compression stroke. Most 350's run pretty good with timing set between 8 and 12 degrees BTDC.

What would happen to the compression if you put a 260 on a 350?

A 260 what, on a 350 what, might help us answer that.

What is the compression in a stock 3970010 350?

The 3970010 number on a 350 was found on the back of your block. Its a base number for that cubic inch motor. Its been there on multiple years of 350. It is also used for all kinds of applications from light cars to heavy duty trucks. all with different compression. There is no way to get compression ratios with that number. Use the number on the front of the block by the head. It will give you year, make and model of the car it was put in and you can track down your compression numbers from there. What you want to see is the compression reading of all the cylinders be within 15 psi of each other.