What is good and bad about gas?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is good and bad about gas?
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Is natural gas a good or bad thing?


Would gas or coal cause pollution?

yes, because you can have bad gas and good gas oxygen is good.

Is CO2 a good gas or bad gas?

CO2 is bad in the sense that it is toxic to animal life and is believed to be largely responsible for global warming. CO2 is good in the sense that plants can't live without it.

Is the LP gas good or bad for human?

LP gas is good for humans in the sense that it is very helpful as an energy source. However, it is not good for humans to touch or breathe it.

Is it economically good or bad for gas prices to fall?

It is good economically for gas prices to fall as people will have more money to spend on other things.

What to do if bad gas was put in car?

get it all out empty the fuel tank put good gas in the tank and crank it until it starts

Is it bad to hold in your gas?

yes it is bad to hold in gas

How can you get bad gas out of your car?

Add 1 bottle of ordinary rubbing alcohol to the tank. If The Bad gas is just gas that has water in it, then the alcohol will allow the water to "burn" with the gas. == == The best way to do it is kind of a pain. Take the tank off and dump the bad gas out. While the tanks off would be a good time to flush it out too. You can use a ordinary garden hose and siphone the gas out of the tank.

What are the benefits of using gas as a fuel?

Using Gas as a fuel can be good. In my opinion it is bad for the earth and an alternate source should be found as quickly as possible.

Is inhaling gas compressor bad?

Say good bye to a mass amount of brain cells buddy.

Is the Toyota Corolla a good or bad car for the environment?

Yes, the Toyota Corolla is a good option because it is good on gas. The Corolla is also a reliable car.

What are the symptoms of bad gas in a vehicle?

Bad performance; pingging noise in motor are symptoms of bad gas in a vehicle.