What is general motors core competencies?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Manufacturing Fabrication and assembly up until 1990 then the mantra changed to assembly only giving way to the firing or letting go hundreds of thousands of employees with all kinds of years of service most at retiree age. The Fact 19,000,000,000.00 billion in pension fund was spent by GM in the 80"s made it, or forced it to take chapter 11 in the USA an it was supported by the USA tax payers as too the Canadian Government gave 10.6 billion of Canadian tax money to the Corporation, this little known fact is General Motors of Canada Limited is a privately owned Canadian Company as of the year 1918 when McLaughlin merged both Chevrolet motor Company of Canada Limited and McLaughlin Car Company of Canada Limited to make the first General Motors plant on earth. This made way for the Chevrolet shares that McLaughlin owned to be sold off and the Corporation of General Motors was incorporated in 1918 with R S McLaughlin as Vice-President and Director as he was director on the board in 1908 when General Motors Holding Company was formed.

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Q: What is general motors core competencies?
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