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Q: What is gas oil mix ratio for McCulloch Mac 10 10 Automatic?
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What is the gas ratio for mac 2816 trimmer?

40:1 is the gas to engine oil ratio. Better said. 1 gallon of gas to 3.2 oz of 2 stroke engine oil. McCulloch has a product, "One Shot", that conveniently comes in a 3.2 oz container.

Gas oil mixtures McCulloch 610 chain saw?

If using an oil other than McCulloch, the ratio is 40:1. Brand Specific McCulloch two cycle oil is 20:1.

What has the author A McCulloch written?

A. . McCulloch has written: 'Gas analysis'

Fuel Mixture Ratio For McCulloch Mac 10-10 Chain Saw?

Hi, Back when it was manufactured, it called for 16:1. Gas was different back then also. Mixing at 32:1 with a high quality oil should work fine.

What is fuel mixture for a McCulloch Mac Cat 35cc super 16?

mine says 40:1 on the gas cap, and its the origanal cap. hope this helps.

What is the fuel mix ratio for mcculloch chain saw pm650?

Generally the ratio the oil is blended for. Most are 40:1 or 50:1. Most containers of oil are made to mix with a certain amount of gas.

What is the Fuel oil ratio for McCulloch model 3214 chain saw?

The proper mixture is 40:1 or 3.2 oz oil to 1 US Gallon of gas.

What is the fuel ratio of a suzuki dt 150 engine?

My DT150 has an automatic oiler on it. When ideling the service manual say it mixes at about a 100:1 ratio and at wide open throttle it is 50:1. I have read several things stating that if you do not use the automatic oiler you shoul mix you ratio at 50:1.thats 16 oz. oil to 6 gallons gas

What is the oil to gas ratio for a mac 130 chain saw?

most two stroke engines need a 2% mix but you should look at the manufacturer recomondation.

What is the gas mixture for mcculloch chain saw 36 cc ms1436nav?


What is the gas ratio on a homelite super e-z automatic chain saw?

Used to be 32:1, but now with modern oils and weak gas it is 50:1. Fear not as these oils are by far superior,

What is the fuel mix ratio for a gas gas?

the ratio is 999 degress nort