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Q: What is euthyroid for a patient with hypothyrodism?
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Euthyroid in patients mean?

Euthyroid means normal thyroid.

What is meant by the term Euthyroid?

Euthyroid means the thyroid hormone levels are within normal limits, as opposed to hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.

Does euthyroid mean a hyperactive thyroid gland?

Euthyroid means that the gland is working within normal established and accepted parameters.

What is the resembling a normal thyroid?


Which group of people is euthyroid?

The vast majority of people are euthyroid (normal thyroid hormone levels and functioning). A very small minority of people have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

What medical term describes a normally functioning thyroid gland?

The medical term meaning a thyroid gland that appears to be functioning within normal parameters is Euthyroid.

Can you have euthyroid graves disease then lithium induced hypothyroid disease?


Did the results for the thyroidectomized rat indicate hyperthyroindism or hypothyroidism?

Hypothyrodism because there is no thyroid.

Euthyroid means a hyperactive thyroid gland?

No, actually euthyroid means a normally functioning thyroid gland; it is a state of normal thyroid gland function. The term hyperthyroid means that the thyroid is overactive, and hypothyroid refers to an under active thyroid.

What does a high result per a TSH blood test determine?

high TSH than the normal range means hypothyrodism.

What does 8690291 euthyroid levels mean?

Nothing. Thyroid levels are reported in terms of TSH, free T4 and total T4 level values.

Can Calcirol granules be taken as a calcium supplement?

I am a diabetic and also have hypothyrodism. The nerves in my legs get stiff often especially during sleep. Can I take Calcirol ?