What is entraped?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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clear drain holes

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Q: What is entraped?
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How do you get rid of headakes?

Headaches are usually a signe, one is entraped in something, they consider themselves unable to avoid, or get out of doing. You ask, How do I make it go away: I meditate on the question "What can't I get out of?" I have found, I only have to recognise what I consider my self trapped in; will remove the head-ache. Basis for my reasoning: How often do people use a head-ache, as an excuse not to do something.

What were 3 traits of aphrodite?

Only goddess depicted naked. Born from Cronos cutting of the loins of Uranus and tossed in the sea, the foam was formed and she was created. She cheated Oh Hephaistos, so he entraped her with Aries and had the gods come by to mock and redicule the two. She had many children to Ares. Eros is her child (cupid). Helped Paris abduct Helen from Troy after Eris (goddess of chaos) threw the golden apple saying "kallisti" for the beautiful one. She won out of 3 goddesses. The other two goddesses being Athena and Hera. To simplify; irresistibly charming, large appetite for lovers but fickle in returning affection afterward, vain and competitive in her beauty by some accounts. Love, Dreams, Beauty anything that symbolized Hope in a person. She is the goddess of lust and beauty.