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Q: What is does a southwest blow on ye blister your all o'er mean?
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Do all cold sores blister and crust?

All cold sores do blister and crust.

Is it better to pop a blister or leave it be and why?

it is better to cut it open and relieve the fluid from inside. The majority of pain comes from the pressure on the nerve endings. Once you cut the blister open, you need to pull all the loose skin off and then allow a fan to blow on the new skin. The new skin will be tender for a while but it will relieve the pain on the blister.

What does the song Blow by Kesha mean?

It means that they are all going to get high

What does to blow money mean in an idiomatic expression?

To blow money means to waste money; ie., "He blew all his money at the slot machines".

How do you get blown by a girl?

If you mean a blow-job, the same way you get it from a guy. All a blow job is, is a fancy modern name for a person sucking a man's penis.

Where do prevailing winds in the Philippines come?

In the Philippines the direction that prevailing winds blow depends on the time of year. From November to February the prevailing winds come from the northeast. From July to September the prevailing winds come from the southwest. In all other months the trade winds blow generally from the east.

How far will yellow stone national park volcano blow?

Not to sure, but it would blow east leaving everything west safe, the ash could blow all the way to Russia and china, it could, but doesn't mean it will.

In which desert would you find blister beetle?

Blister beetles are found throughout all deserts in the United States and Mexico as well as in several other warm biomes.

Does Southwest fly to anchorage?

Southwest doesnt fly to Alaska at all

Does the southwest people like the southwest?

they love each other they make out with all the time

What does it mean if you blow your nose and air leaves your tear ducts?

This is normal; the nasal passages, mouth and eyes are all connected.

What types of deserts are in Southwest Asia?

All the deserts in southwest Asia are hot subtropical deserts.