What is different between GS with GL on car?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The GS stands for Grand Sport most of the time. These cars typically had higher than normal BHP and better handling than the GL versions. The GL means Grand Luxury on most makes. And; while I'm at it - the GT means Grand Touring.

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Q: What is different between GS with GL on car?
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What are Gs and Gl?

gl means good luck and gs good sun

How can you tell if a 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder is a gs-t or a gs?

A Spyder GS is a non turbo car. A GS-T on the other hand is a turbo car. Hope this helps

How do you unlock a 1999 grand marquis gs car door?

Use a 1999 grand marquis gs key!!

What is the difference between wg scale and gs scale?

GS=salary. WG=hourly.

What engine came in a 95 Acura Integra?

A 95 Acura falls into the third generation these were made between 1994-2001. It depends on the trim level or model of the car. A standard Integra engine is the B18B1 which has about 142hp, a GS-R has a B18C1 which has an output of 170hp, a B18C5 which is a Type R has an output of 195hp. Each trim level in 95 got the same B18C1 engine unless its a GS-R or Type R then it got a different engine producing more horsepower and had a different red line because of the tranny in the car.

What distinguishes the Lexus GS from the SC?

The Lexus GS is the midsize car for the Lexus brand. The SC is a personal luxery coupe Lexus. It only comes in a coupe versus the GS comes in a sedan.

How much Gs does a bakugan darkus reaper have?

Depending on the specific Bakugan, a Darkus Reaper can have between 250 and 450 Gs.

When did production of the Lexus GS 300 begin?

The Lexas GS 300 is a first generation model of car sold by Lexas which is a division of Toyota. Production of the Lexus GS 300 first began in 1993 on the 22nd of February.

Where is 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs throttle position sensor location?

It is located on the throttle body, it is on the side facing the front of the car between the throttle body and the valve cover

Where can one purchase a pre owned Lexus GS?

Car buyers looking to purchase a pre owned/used Lexus GS can do so through a few sites on the web currently. These options include Auto Trader, Car Max, and Yahoo.

Why does your car sputter when you give it gas i have a 1998 Acura Intega GS?

Tune up time.

How do you stop a car alarm on a 98 Lexus gs 300 from going off?

disconnect the battery