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Q: What is criteria to declare a damaged home a total loss?
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What are the release dates for My First Home - 2007 Damaged Goods or Just Damaged 5-9?

My First Home - 2007 Damaged Goods or Just Damaged 5-9 was released on: USA: 4 May 2013

Do you have to declare rental income on a home that is free and clear?

In the phrase "rental income", the operative word is "income". Yes, you have to declare it.

Does mobile home insurance cover damage caused by a tree?

Mobile home insurance does cover your home if damaged by a falling tree. It would also be covered if it were damaged by the over growth of tree roots.

Does Bank of America give home loans to people with damaged credit?

Bank of America will give home loans to people with damaged credit. It depends on how badly the person's credit is damaged. A person may have to get their credit fixed before receiving a home loan if the damage is too bad.

What is an example sentence using the word damaged?

When I got home I realized the jacket was damaged, but luckily I was able to exchange it for another one in the same size and color.The cake was pretty damaged, but it still tasted great.She is a badly damaged person, but she's not a psychopath.The last time I let her borrow my car, it came back with a damaged rear bumper.Our home was damaged in the hurricane, but it could have been much worse.Decades of over-exercising have damaged her joints considerably.

How can you repair your home carpet?

You can repair your home carpet by patching torn areas with damaged rugs.

How do you declare a house historic?

My home was built in 1911, 101 years ago how do i declare it a historic house. where do i go to do this. are there any benefits do this. thank you COLEEN Cheever

Can you stay in the home you are leasing if you declare bankruptcy?

Generally..if you're renting a home and do not owe any back rent than you can stay in the home..especially if you have a lease but if you are behind in rent than you can declare that debt in bankruptcy but it is up to the landlord whether or not he/she wants to let you stay.

Was Jon Bon Jovi's house damaged by hurricane Irene?

No their home was not damaged, just some trees down but no serious damage

Can you insure a fire damaged home?

Yes, If you have already restored and repaired the home you will have no problem getting it insured again.

Can you just declare bankruptcy on your home?

No. You do not "declare bankruptcy" ON anything. You declare bankruptcy when you cannot pay your bills as they come due. You must list all your assets and all your debts. What happens after that depends on which title you are filing under, chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13.

Can I repair my damaged home with allstate claim money from my policy?

Yes, that's what it's for.