What is cream your jeans?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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That term means to ejaculate in your pants.

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Q: What is cream your jeans?
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How are jeans like ice cream?

They look good

What helps with a breakout from jeans?

1) Wear clean jeans 2) The jeans may be too tight so try a different brand or size of jeans 3) Try a cream for rashes or a lotion for dry skin 4) A visit to the doctor

Are skinny jeans healthy for your legs?

Yes and no. Skinny jeans aren't that good to your legs because, they are made to fit your legs so they rub off all the moisture on your legs and skin which gives you dry skin. It's not just skinny jeans that do that all types of jeans do that.But you can wear skinny jeans without all that dry skin,if you are going to wear your skinny's the day before you are put moisture cream on your legs right after you take a shower (make sure your legs are a bit damp not soaking) then go to bed.In the morning you can put cream on if you want to (resaults won't be the same if you don't put cream on in the morning) then let the cream soak into your skin so you won't be able to take any cream off then put your jeans on.When you change into diffrent clothes like p.js then take a shower (if you want you don't have to) then put the cream on and let it sink into your skin again so you should have smooth legs if they aren't then try putting more cream on if it still isn't smooth get melkfelt (calendula) which is the best cream for dry skin.

What is the name of the song containing the lyrics you make me cream my jeans?

'High School Confidential' by Rough Trade

What Top should you wear with Jeans and a cream and navy striped cardigan?

Probably a cream/white or navy top. A solid color for sure; black would work as well.

What did people wear during nicolaus Copernicus' time?

They wore skinny jeans and sweatshirts with pink tanktops and jetpacks with whipped cream coming out of them in the 1450s

Which colour jeans will suit with dark blue jeans?

a light colored fitted top. or else a bright top or a cream colored one. hope this helps!!

What are all jeans categories?

Categories of Jeans: Australian Denim Jeans, Skinny Jeans and Fashion Jeans - Women's Designer Jeans and Men's Designer Jeans.

What is the best thing to wear with coral colored jeans also what would be best with a grey top?

The best thing to wear with coral colored jeans is a plain light top, such as white, cream or beige. You could also wear any of those color tops that have a bit of coral in them. Blue jeans or red jeggings would be best with a grey top.

Why are blue jeans called blue jeans when they are not blue?

most BLUE jeans are BLUE. if you get jeans that aren't blue then they are just jeans.

What is the German word for jeans?

The German word for jeans is Jeans.

What is the plural jeans?

The plural form of jeans is jeans. No change to the word. It's context tells us whether it is in plural or singular form. As in "a pair of jeans" (singular), or "many pairs of jeans" (plural).