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Q: What is correct take a bath everyday or take a bath every day?
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Can you make a sentence about bath?

Everyday after school, i go and take a nice hot bath.

Can you make a sentence about bath-bathe?

Everyday after school, i go and take a nice hot bath.

In Kentucky how often do people have to take baths?

I live in Ky and I take a bath everyday.

How should the skin of the body be kept clean?

take a bath everyday

Why french don't bathe everyday?

Every house in France has a shower, but not necessarily a bath tub. Having a shower is far more common than to take a bath, which is now deemed not environmentally sound because of the misuse of water.

Do you take a bath or have a bath?

Either is correct, but the idiom take a bath (or take a shower) is more frequently used in the US.Take a bath and have a bath are both correct.In older times, the term was "I need to draw a bath." which have stemmed to the more modern way of speech...Neither one is wrong, but:Most likely you will hear people say, "I need to take a bath." If you analyze what this is really saying it sounds like you are literally picking up the bathtub and taking it with you somewhere.If you say, "I need to have a bath." It sounds a little more grammatically correct because you are going to go do the routine of having a bath by getting inside the bathtub.

How often a dog take a bath?

every 2 weeks

I shrink smaller every time I take a bath. What am I?


Is bath and body works closed on Memorial Day?

yes they do cause you have to take a bath every morning and night

How should boys take bath?

once every 2-3 days

Why important to take a bath?

It is very important that one should take a bath everyday so that you wont have a foul odor in your body,you will be clean all over and you will smell good , will not smell stinky especially your armpits and your feet.

How do you use the word bath in a sentence?

Well, there are so many ways to use the word Bath in a sentences. likewise , 1 Make your habbit to take "bath" everyday. 2 He has become too dirty after playing football outside with his friends and now he's going to home to take bath. 3 Ali has taken bath today. 4 He wants to take bath to reduce his tiredness. 5 Umair has make it a habbit to take bath at night.