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Q: What is considered an average temperature for a healthy person in degree celsius?
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What is the average temperature of a healthy dairy cow?

Average temperature should be around 102 degrees Celsius.

What is considered an average temperature for a healthy person?

37oC or 310K or 98.6oF is the average body temperature of a health human. 98.6

What degrees is the human body Celsius?

37 degrees Celsius is the temperature of a healthy human. That is the normal body temperature.

What is the temperature for a cat or dog?

For healthy dogs and cats, both species' have a body temperature of 38 Celsius (101.5 Fahrenheit) - 39.2 Celsius (102.5 Fahrenheit).

What is the average body temperature of a healthy adult?

If you mean body temperature, then it would be (thirty seven degrees celsius) as any other human's average body temperature should be.

What is normal body temperature in degrees CELSIUS and Fahrenheit?

Kelvin is the SI unit for temperature. Celsius is usually used in metric systems. 0 degree celsius is 273.15 Kelvin. Kelvin increases equally with celsius. So to convert celsius to kelvin, we just add 273.15 to celsius. The answer in Kelvin is 310.15

What is the a Fahrenheit temperature and b kelvin temperature which is the equivalent to the 25 Celsius temperature of body?

298.15 Kelvins and 77° Fahrenheit are both the same temperature as 25° Celsius, but that's certainly not the temperature of a healthy, living human body.

What is the correct temperature in celsius for a healthy person?

98.6 degrees fahrenheit in celsius that's 37 degrees

What are the Common terms related to body temperature?

The normal body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius.

On a calibrated thermometer what is 98.6?

The temperature 98.6°F (approximately equal to 37° Celsius) is the reference temperature long used to represent the average "normal human body temperature." The actual base temperature varies by individual, and is slightly lower in most adults. An individual's body temperature also varies throughout the day, generally lower at night and higher during the day.

Is 95.6 considered a healthy temperature?

no you're gonna die.

Is 37.9 degrees Celsius a fever?

It's a little higher than the average temperature which is 36.8 degrees, but 37.9 just means you have a slight fever and your body temperature is just a little higher than normal, if you done some hard core excercise a while ago it may affect the temperature as well. It's nothing to worry about though, I suggest you take some Vitamin C pills or some fever reducing medicene to get back to the normal temperature!