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Whatman Paper

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Q: What is chromatography paper called?
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What is the interpretation of paper chromatography?

whate is interpretation in paper chromatography

A method of separating mixtures by using chromatographic paper and a solvent?

This method is called paper chromatography.

What can you use instead of chromatography paper in a paper chromatography test?


How is paper chromatography used in everyday life?

it can be used in everyday life by liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatographyand paper chromatography.

Where may one learn about paper chromatography?

If you like science Paper Chromatography is something to look into. You can take Chemistry classes to find out different ideas on how to use Paper Chromatography.

What is grass chromatography?

There is no such thing as grass chromatography. there is only High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chomatography, and Paper Chromatography.

Are paper and thin layer chromatography types of planer chromatography?


Can paper chromatography be used to separate large amounts of solutions Why or why not?

Paper chromatography is used as an analytical method not for production.

What are some possible alternatives for paper chromatography?

Coffee filter paper can be used. It does not produce results as good as chromatography paper, but it still works.

Where the paper chromatography discovery at?

a factory

A hypothesis for paper chromatography?

A hypothesis for paper chromatography depends on what you are making the hypothesis on. A hypothesis for the speed of chromatography could be that you think the speed of the process can be changed depending on the type of paper, or whatever the stationary phase is, and the type of solvent being used.

What are the relations with pigment and chromatography?

the more soluble the plant pigment is with the chromatography solvent, the farther it will travel up the chromatography paper