What is brutal legend rated?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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M for Mature For blood and gore, strong language,suggestive themes, and and use of alcohol and tobacco

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Q: What is brutal legend rated?
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Is there a brutal legend 2?

No, there has currently been no announcement for a sequel to Brutal Legend.

Can you make out in brutal legend?


Can you free roam in brutal legend?

Yes, Brutal Legend utilizes sandbox-style free-roaming gameplay.

How do you play brutal legend?

With a controller.

What is Brutal Legend?

Brutal Legend is a 2009 Tim Shaeffer video game starring Jack Black, Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne.

What game came out first call of duty modern warfare 2 or Brutal Legend?

Brutal legend, I got both the day they came out.

In brutal legend are there any drums in the gam?

no there are not.

Are there any brutal legend cheats?

soz no

When does brutal legend come out?

October 13

How many axes do you get in brutal legend?

You only get one axe in Brutal Legend. Unless you are talking about the axe upgrades in that case there are around 15 or so.

What game do you think looks better Brutal Legend or Borderlands?

I would say brutal legend because I don't like the pastel like coloring of borderlands.

When is brutal legend coming out?

it is out now and is a great game.