What is bravia sync?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Bravia Sync technology allow connectivity between Sony's other HDMI products, such as home entertainment systems and handycams, without having to utilise multiple remote controls.For example, press 'play' on a DVD Home Theatre System and the TV will turn on, select the correct input automatically and play your movie all with the touch of a single button. Select 'standby' when you've finished viewing and both the DVD system and TV will turn off.

Each remote has a clean, visible layout so that users don't have to be an AV expert to control their HD home entertainment system. With a one-touch play and shutdown feature, users can also view video and images from a Handycam camcorder directly on a new BRAVIA W, S or V series LCD TV. "Sony is taking the confusion out of connecting and controlling your whole HD entertainment system," said Paul Colley, Technology Communications Manager at Sony Australia. BRAVIA Sync, you can control it all from either remote. You can connect your Handycam camcorder and control it through the TV or sound system remote."

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Q: What is bravia sync?
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Are bravia tvs better than most tvs?

Bravia tvs are better if you have a sony bravia bluray player, Playstation 3, And or a sony bravia surround sound system. If you do not have or do not plan to have those sony products other brand tvs are about the same. here is a video from youtube about bravia sync

Does the PS3 has BRAVIA Sync?

The new PS3 "slim" supports Bravia Sync. Connect your PS3 to your Sony Bravia TV via an HDMI cable. To initiate it, you need to access system settings on your Sony HD TV. So Menu > Settings > HDMI Set-up > Control for HDMI (On). Then HMDI Device List Update, enter, click OK. The TV will then add your PS3 as an HMDI device. Your TV remote can now control the PS3's interface, and will add Play, Pause, FF etc for playing Blu-Ray discs.

Some Sony LCD-s have 24p true cinema Bravia theatre sync and xv-colour features. Standalone sony blu-ray players also have those features. Does Playstation 3 have all those features?

24p is a framerate displaying 24 frames per second, which is what film is recorded in. Bravia Theatre Sync is a Sony communication channel between their components to control everything using one remote. XV colour is an extended colour gamut. The PS3 will NOT have the Bravia Sync mode in it, and depending on the model you will still get the XV colour and DTS HD and Dolby TRUE HD audio as well. Any other questions, let me know, My PS3 does sync with the Sony because of the HDMI connection and the fact that the PS3 slim has a sync built in to the system. It is one of the few features that the slim has that can not be given to the fat PS3 through software upgrades. Another is of course the lower heat as a result of the lower power consumption of the PS3 slim.

What better Sony Bravia or Sony aqueous LCD hdtv?

Bravia. No explanation needed.

Is the Sony tv Bravia a good tv?

Yes, the Sony Bravia BX35 model television is a good and reliable TV. This product is available for purchase in store and online.

Which company manufactures the Bravia 40?

The Bravia 40 is a product made by Sony. This is a type of TV they make for your enjoyment. They make the Bravia in both LCD and LED formats depending on which type you like more.

Where can one find more information about Sony Bravia commercials?

One can find more information about Sony Bravia commercials on websites such as Bravia Advert and Sony Europe. Information are also available on Inspiration Room and Wikipedia.

What kind of electronic is a sony bravia?

The Sony Bravia is high tech LCD high definition television and come in many different sizes from 32 inches and up. The wider the screen, the higher the Sony Bravia is priced.

Does every bravia have HDMI?


How much does a Bravia TV cost?

A Bravia television varies on several accounts, which include size and if or if you do not purchase an extended or normal warranty.

Does the Sony Bravia S Series KDL-32S5100 have a VGA input on it?

The Sony Bravia does have a VGA input, which can be hooked up to your computer.

Screw size for 32 sony bravia wall mount?

The screw size for the Sony Bravia wall mount is 6X16 MM.