What is boffa?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Boffa's population is 19,005.

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Q: What is boffa?
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What is Boffa's population?

Boffa's population is 19,005.

What is the population of Boffa Prefecture?

Boffa Prefecture's population is 165,000.

What nicknames does Sam Boffa go by?

Sam Boffa goes by Boff.

When was Stefania Boffa born?

Stefania Boffa was born on 1988-08-09.

When was Paul Boffa born?

Paul Boffa was born on 1890-06-30.

When did Paul Boffa die?

Paul Boffa died on 1962-07-06.

What is the area of Boffa Prefecture?

The area of Boffa Prefecture is 9,100 square kilometers.

When was Ernest Joseph Boffa born?

Ernest Joseph Boffa was born on 1904-04-16.

When did Ernest Joseph Boffa die?

Ernest Joseph Boffa died on 2004-03-08.

What has the author Jean-Marc Boffa written?

Jean-Marc Boffa has written: 'Agroforestry parklands in Sub-Saharan Africa' -- subject(s): Agroforestry

What actors and actresses appeared in Ronda de estrellas - 1938?

The cast of Ronda de estrellas - 1938 includes: Angel Boffa Ana Gryn Perla Mux Maruja Pacheco Huergo

What actors and actresses appeared in El jugador - 1948?

The cast of El jugador - 1948 includes: Alberto Bello Angel Boffa Roberto Escalada Florindo Ferrario Pedro Laxalt Judith Sulian