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Blood is a liquid that runs through the body's blood vessels that transports oxygen to the body's cells. It also transports some waste materials such as carbon dioxide to the lungs so it can be released from the body.

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Q: What is blood and its important?
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What element is important for blood?

Oxygen is an important element in blood your welcome :)

Which of the following is important in blood coagulation?

Vitamin K is important in blood coagulation.

Importance of blood group?

Blood group is important especially pregnancy. It is also important to know the blood group for transfusion of blood or transplant of organ.

Why is blood paletes important?

it is require for blood clotting.

Why is blood important in horror movies?

blood is important to horror movies because it is always about killing

What is carried in blood that is important to a humans survival?

blood and oxygen

Which blood cells are the most important?

none of them are more important or less important, all of the blood cells have very important jobs, and without one of them, or system would fail.

Why is blood type very important?

blood typing is very much important while transfusing it. we cann't donate blood if the blood group of the donar do not match with the blood group of the recepient.If it is done so, there will be clotting of blood in the body of the recepient.

Why is blood very important?

Blood is important because it keeps your body warm in the winter, and it makes capulets so you won't die of blood loss. White blood cells defend your body from disease. Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout your body. As a conclusion I will say, "BLOOD IS ALL IN ALL IMPORTANT!"

What has the most important effect on blood velocity?

Blood viscosity is the most important efect on blood velocity. Viscosity meaning how thin or thick the blood is. Velocity meaning the flow of blood. If the blood is too thick it's velocity will be slow. If the blood is thin, the blood will flow faster.

What is important for elements?

Oxygen is an important element in blood your welcome :)

Why are Vessels important?

Vessel are important because they carry blood.