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Good, good!

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Q: What is bien bien mean in spanish?
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What dose estoy bien mean?

''Estoy bien'' is the Spanish for ''I am fine''.

What is all right mean in spanish?

¡Bien! ¡Está bien! ¡Venga! ¡Vale!

What does the English word well mean in spanish?


What does mean im fine in spanish?

Estoy bien.

What does mui bine mean in spanish?

mui bien

What does bien fea mean in spanish?

Very Ugly

What does y saves ablar espaÑol bien mean in spanish?

"¿Sabes hablar eapañol bien?" means "Do you know how to speak Spanish well?"

What does no hablo bien mean in spanish?

"No hablo bien" in Spanish means "I don't speak well."

What does 'y es bien' mean in Spanish?

It means "and it is good"

What does un poco bien mean in spanish?

A bit fine and how about you?

What does Tienes bien dia mean?

Did you have a good day in Spanish.

What does está bien mean in Spanish?

It's Spanish for "That's fine," or "That's alright."