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all 3 for different reasons

health because u could b the happiest person in the world and then just die.

happiness because you could commit suicide

wealth because you need money to survive in this world.

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Q: What is better to have health wealth or happiness?
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What does it mean wealth is better than health?

It means that money is more important than health, which is not true.

What is material wealth?

Health, happiness, contentment, joy...stuff like that.

What is non-material wealth?

Health, happiness, contentment, joy...stuff like that.

Explain what ''health is wealth' means?

you are lucky to have health, it is wonderful thing and is more important to happiness than money

When will you consider yourself as a lucky person?

When everything you do, goes your way. Health, wealth and happiness

Use these letters yiitacornd to solve riddle Where can you always find health wealth and happiness?


What would you choose health or wealth?

Health. If you had more wealth than health, you would have a high chance of dying. And besides, health is more important than wealth anyway.

Is true happiness found in wealth?

Yes true happiness is found by wealth.

Health is better than wealth Comment?


What is the difference between prosperity and wealth?

Wealth is defined as the possession of an overflowing of valuable resources or material possessions. Prosperity includes wealth but it also includes other contributing factors such as health and happiness.

Health is more important than wealth?

If you were to ask people what they required to be happy, two of the most obvious answers would be health and wealth. As both are essential for happiness. Health is a present upon all. It depends on us if we take good care of it and use this award for the best. Health and wealth both have their benefits, but health is far superior to wealth. Moreover, without being fit, would you be able to relish your wealth? If a man owes money, he can have everything. As an old phrase 'where there is health, around is life'. The connection between health and wealth is called gradient. Health develops when the income increases and the poor have worsened health than the wealthy. What means the higher the incline, the better the health? The word health has connected with many other words as mental health, physical health, family health, general health, and the like. On the other hand, the word wealth has mainly used in the sense of financial excess. The prominent wealth is health. A healthy person sustains a happier and peacefully life than any affluent person possessing an unwell body. We can, therefore, give or take that the true wealth of a man is his health. Health is not just the vacancy of disease and illness but a state of perfect physical, social, and mental well-being. True wealth is the ability to live; life in your relations. Wealth is the immense sum of money, property, assets, or ideas. An individual who is ranked wealthy, moneyed, or iconic is someone; who has gained enormous wealth relative to others in their society or reference group. 'It is ampler to be rich in love than to be wealthy in gold'. Health is wealth qualities humanity. Health has looked upon as wealth. Hence both are connected to a great extent. The word health has used in contact with many words as mental health, physical health, family health, and general health. It all supports health is far more valuable than wealth.

What has the author Kenneth Routson written?

Kenneth Routson has written: 'Beliefology Raise your Consciousness to Wealth Health and Happiness' 'Beliefology'