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Q: What is best medicine to prevent sleep?
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What is the best medicine for a really bad cold?

Sleep and a lot of water.

Which is the best medicine or antibiotic to prevent pus and inflammation.?

velosef us good

What is the motto of American Academy of Sleep Medicine?

The motto of American Academy of Sleep Medicine is 'Setting Standards & Promoting Excellence in Sleep Medicine'.

How do you sleep longer?

you can take special medicine.......or sleep very late

What does an Hypnotic do?

It is a medicine that causes sleep

How can kids sleep with no medicine?

they can sleep with there parents in there bed or if they had a sleeping bag they can sleep with them but in the bed in the floor

What is the title of a Doctor that performs sleep studies?

Sleep Medicine Physician

What medicine makes you sleep walk?


What medicine can i use to go to sleep?


How can you sleep when your sick?

You can sleep when you are sick by taking medicine made especially for nighttime use.

How can you prevent insomnia?

Go to sleep

How do you stop sleep disorders?

Sleep problems can be caused by disorders in various systems of the body. Therefore, people suffering from sleep disorders are treated and managed by specialists from different branches of medicine. For example, pulmonary medicine can treat people who suffer from sleep apnea, which is a respiratory disorder. Narcolepsy, which is a sleep problem caused by a neurological disorder, is treated by a neurologist. In addition to this, many rehabilitation centers and mental health facilities also offer comprehensive sleep disorder therapies. Physicians who wish to become certified in sleep disorders medicine have to comply with standards established by The American Board of Sleep Medicine.