What is average cost to insulate 2700 sq ft?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Walls only or attic space well? What does building code in your area require? What about windows and doors? How is the room configured? What kind of insulation? Bat only? Spray foam only? or a combination of the two? How tall are the walls? Are you installing this yourself or hiring someone? There is a big fee for labor.

For bat insulation (which is the cheapest) -

Measure the # and height of each of the bays between your studs. Add each measurement together and this will tell you how many linear feet of batting you need just to fill the walls. Your building code will mandate a minimum. I strongly recommend you exceed it by at least 50% of the mandatory R value. You can price the rolls of insulation at the home store. Rolls will tell you how long they are (linear feet) so to calculate this you will divide your total by the linear feet per roll to get the number of rolls. Once you know how many rolls you need, then you multiply that by the price per roll.

For spray foam -

Measure the # and height of each of the bays between your studs. Add each measurement together. Convert it to inches. Once converted to inches ,multiply by 3.5 (that's the depth of your studs if you are using a standard 2x4). This will give you the cubic inches of spray foam needed. To convert the cubic inches back to cubic feet divide by 1728 or the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot. Any kit you want to order will tell you how many cubic feet it will provide. So again, you can do the math to see what it will cost.

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Q: What is average cost to insulate 2700 sq ft?
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