What is auto on a slow cooker?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is auto on a slow cooker?
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How long does a slow cooker cook on auto?

utill reaches a certain temperature

What does auto mean on a slow cooker?

When a slow cooker is set on auto, it starts out with a high temperature and then switches to a low temperature when the crock has warmed up sufficiently. When the crock starts to cool off it switches back to high again, and so on.

What is the auto function on the corning ware slow cooker?

The auto function will cook on high for a certain lenght of time and then switch to low.

What is the auto setting on Corningware slow cooker?

Cooks on high for two hours then goes to low until you shut it off. Works great!

Where can one purchase a book of slow cooker recipes?

A book of slow cooker recipes can be bought online on many various cooking websites. First, you must select the type of cuisine you like the most in your slow cooker.

What is the price of a 4 qt slow crock cooker Betty G?

A four quart slow crock cooker from Betty G can be purchased for about $35. The Betty G slow crock cooker is considered a vintage item.

Does Rival offer a recipe book for slow cookers?

There are several books available for the rival slow cooker. Rival Crock Pot: 3 Books in 1: Slow Cooker Favorites/Winning Slow Cooker Recipes is probably the biggest one out there. Another great one that is available is the Rival New Creative Crock-pot/slow Cooker Cookbook

West Bend rectangular slow cooker I need the pan?

how new is your cooker?

Your slow cooker top won't come off what can you do?

my slow cooker top wont come off after cooking and letting it cool

When using a slow cooker is the meat frozen or defrosted?

You can use a slow cooker with either frozen or defrosted meat. The recipe should state which you use or the cooking time and temperature will have to be adjusted. Frozen meatballs are excellent in a slow cooker.

Are crockpot recipes compatible for use with a slow cooker?

A crock pot and a slow cooker are the same thing. You can use the same recipes for these two devices without a problem. A crock pot and a slow cooker perform the same functions.

Where can one find a beef stew recipe for a slow cooker?

One can find a recipe for beef stew in the cookbook that one received when the slow cooker was purchased. The Martha Stewart website also has a recipe for slow cooker beef stew.