What is autisum?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Also called: Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)

Autism is a disorder that is usually first diagnosed in early childhood. The main signs and symptoms of autism involve communication, social interactions and repetitive behaviors.

Children with autism might have problems talking with you, or they might not look you in the eye when you talk to them. They may have to line up their pencils before they can pay attention, or they may say the same sentence again and again to calm themselves down. They may flap their arms to tell you they are happy, or they might hurt themselves to tell you they are not. Some people with autism never learn how to talk.

Because people with autism can have very different features or symptoms, health care providers think of autism as a "spectrum" disorder. Asperger syndrome is a milder version of the disorder.

The cause of autism is not known. Autism lasts throughout a person's lifetime. There is no cure, but treatment can help. Treatments include behavior and communication therapies and medicines to control symptoms. >

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Q: What is autisum?
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How do you cure autisum?

Autism cannot be cured.

Does Gary barlow of take that have autisum?

No! What made you think that? lol :)

What disorder causes rocking back and forth?

Tourettes or autisum

Where does autisum come from?

there are a whole bunch if things that factor in, but genes are the main cause.

How do you stop autisum?

the bad news is that it is impossible to stop autism. the good news is that scientist are still reaserching to find a cure for autism.

Can you have autisum if your diagnosed at age 13?

yes you can be and it will most likly be right at the same rate as at all ages

How do you get someone with autisum to talk to you?

To get someone with autism to talk to you, just talk to them. If they are verbal and willing to talk to you then they will more than likely talk back, if they are non-verbal then try communicating in other ways.

Are children with autisum always quiet?

Both children and adults with autism usually exhibit difficulties with social interactions and verbal and nonverbal communication. That doesn't necessarily mean their all quiet. All have Social difficulties, but some just have problems with the Social rules. It's true that many are quiet, but not all are. Some talk far too much and annoy everyone, especially if it's asperger.

You live in Vegas your son.he has a iep that says he needs a shadow working with him he was promised one he is in kindergarten my school wont provide help for him what do i do he was di with autisum n?

Your son has an IEP this means that any public school that he attends must provide him with any accomodations that are listed in the IEP. If they do not provide it for him in the school they must pay for it outside of the school. Contact the principal and the school board and say that they are not following their federal mandate for your child. If it is an IEP it must be provided or you can sue the school and have him placed someplace else. Don't ever let someone tell you that they will not do something for your son if it is in an IEP they have no choice and they will need to find a way to make it work. Review the IEP and special education laws for your state remember to stay informed. You are your child's advocate and you are responsible for making sure they do their job.

How can you find out if you're blacklisted?

hi I too would like to kn if me and my boys are on the list as I have been searching for over 18 years for an answer to my boys medical condition, just a few years ago I found the answer. It is called autisum!! And many other probs, but still we are turn away from everywhere and now it's not just doctors, we have been blacklisted from all services in Townsville Q.L.D, Why... Because I called it like it is(a spade is still a spade.) I spoke out against the abuse we lived with because I had to be the voice for my boys, to protect their rights. God I hope someone puts a stop to this kind of thing, so thousands don't have to end up in mental health long term or permernently? I told and told but no one hears. If someone knows how to find out please!! Tell, It could save lives!!

You are 12 why didnt you develop breasts?

Some girls don't develop breasts until their seventeen, but that's really rare. It's alright, relish these breasts free times, i am 36dd and am only 10. I have aspergers ( a high fuctioning form of autisum) and I'm going to a special needs day camp and my crush is one of the fourteen year old counselors (the other ones a girl,) and he was one of the two twirling for me while I was jumproping and I don't know if he was looking at my breasts or not, but it felt that way, I forgot the bra because I overslept, and they were like bouncing up with the rest of my body, not in place strapped to my chest, very self concious today! i started when i was around 10 just hardly i am now 13 and 1 16th and only started having visible breasts i weaigh 106 and am 5ft 4i it sux hope i hleped welcome to the flat club