What is anti dullness?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is anti dullness?
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What is dullness?

dullness is how bright a color is, eg dull is very un-bright

What does dullness mean when referring to IQ?

In IQ Dullness means absent mind.

What rhymes with dullness?

Some words that rhyme with "dullness" are fullness, sullenness, and mulishness.

How do you use dullness in a sentence?

The dullness of the day was very depressing compared to the sunshine they had last week.

What is mental dullness mean?

Definition of mental dullness; describing your personality and mind set to be bland with no effort to create enlightenment. Eg: a person with a basic brain with not much character has mental dullness

What is an antonym for glimmer?


What is Antonym for glimmer?


What does dullness mean?

Constantly uninteresting

The brightness or dullness of a color?


What is the word opposite of glitter?


What is the opposites of glisten?

The closest you can get to it is just 'dullness'

What is a antonym for fire?

the antonym is dullness and spirtlessness.