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A normal pulse rate for a 44 year old man is 60 to 80 beats per minute. Any big variations may be due to exercise or health problems.

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Q: What is anormal pulse rate for a 44 year old man?
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What is the normal heart rate for a 81 year old man?

The pulse rate should be 60/minute.

What is the normal pulse rate for a 59 year old man?

A normal resting pulse rate for a healthy adult can range from 60 to 100 beats per minute

What is normal pulse rate of 68 yr old man?


What is a normal pulse rate for someone that is older that 29?

The normal resting pulse rate for someone age 26-35 is between 71 and 75 beats per minute, if you are a man. If you are a woman, the average pulse rate is between 73 and 76. If you are between these numbers, your pulse rate is in fact normal.

What's the high pulse rate for a 30s male?

A man can check his pulse rate by subtracting his age from the number 220. This number will tell you what the highest rate your heart can stand while doing physical activities.

Normal pulse rate for a 70 year old man?

The resting pulse rate of a 61 year-old can be anywhere from 60 - 100 bpm (beats per minute), while the pulse rate range for exercising could be from 96 - 136 bpm, with an average maximum pulse rate of 155. The number could vary with your physique, weight, blood pressure, medications taken, and any medical conditions present.

What Pulse should be for 70 year old man?


Pulse rate for a 59 yr old man doesn't smoke.?

60 to 100 apparently.

What should a hemoglobin rate be for a 67 year old man?

heart rate 67 year man

What is the pulse rate for a man between the ages of thirty and forty?

`A good healthy resting rate would be between 65 and 75

Is a 105 a high pulse for a 46 female?

I would say yes. The average (resting) pulse for an adult - is 70-80 per minute ! I tested mine while I answered this - and my pulse-rate is 74 (I'm a man of 49).

What is the recommended heart rate for a 62 year old man?

If he/she is physically active, yes, the resting pulse can be 50 or even a little less.