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Q: What is an important choices that affect life temporarily or permanently?
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How does the explosion affect katniss the hunger games?

In the book, it permanently damaged her left ear and had to get a prosthetic. In the film, though, it only made her temporarily deaf

What is social importance?

Social importance is used to describe how important someone is in society and how their choices/decisions can affect it.

How choices affect us?

Some choices may result as a positive affect. Some chices may result as a negative affect. It all depends on the choices we make. But remember no one can make us to do anything. We all have choices! Hope this helps :)

Why are presidential decisions so important on a global scale?

Presidential decisions are extremely important on a global scale. The choices that the President of the US makes can affect the economies of countries across the world. Furthermore, his choices could result in wars or other serious problems.

Did flooding negatively affect the Phoenician empire?

Temporarily when and where it occurred.

How does alcohol affect the mind?

It temporarily slows the operation of the brain.

How does alcohol affect time?

Ot can temporarily slow them somewhat.

The affect of depressants on the human body is?

It temporarily slows their functioning.

Can sprained chest bones affect your health?

Bones don't become sprained; muscles become sprained. Painful breathing can temporarily affect your health. It is important to have good pain control so that you can work to breathe fully.

Which of these can positive healthy choices early in life dramatically affect?

Positive healthy choices early in life can dramatically affect LIFELONG FITNESS

Does alcohol affect reaction times?

Ot can temporarily slow them somewhat.

Do lifestyle choices affect scoliosis?

NO. They do not affect it. It is genetic so physical and mental health dose not affect it.