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conditions that surrounds a man or context or surroundings

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Q: What is an external environment of man?
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What is external environment of man?

conditions that surrounds a man or context or surroundings

What is direct external environment and indirect external environment?

distinguish between direct& indirect environment

Is air in the lungs in the external environment or the internal environment of the body?

Is food in the stomach in the external or internal environment of the body?

What keeps cells contents separated from external environment?

Cell contents are separated from the external environment by the cell membrane. Cells are also separated by the external environment when they are in the bloodstream in the capillaries and veins.

How can a manager manages an internal and external business environment?

How a manager manages internal and external environment of the organisation?

What are the differences between internal and external environment?

The differences between internal and external environment is: Internal environment involve within the organization, which are the employee attitudes,new equipment,strategy,work forces. The organization has the control of these matters because it happen within the organization unless like external environment. AND for the external environment,is clearly stated with the word external itself which means outside of the organizations which effect the changes in the organization which the organization does not have the control of it. External environment are involved by the PESTLE- Politic, Economy, Social, Technology, Legal and Environment.

How does the mourning dove show internal and external responces to its environment?

how does the mourning show internal and external responses to its environment

Explain in detail internal and external factors affecting business environment?

internal and external factors in the organizational environment

What are the Internal and external environment of organization?

The internal environment refers to the internal workings of the organization. The external environment refers to outside organizations that affect the business.

List of internal and external commands in unix?

A list of internal/builtin commands is available for each shell environment by looking at the 'man' entry. Anything not listed there is either an alias or an external command.

What are examples of external business environment?

The external business environment are the things outside of an organization that affect the functionality of the business. Some examples of the external business environment include customers, economy, government and public opinion.

What separates the internal environment of the body from the external environment?