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electricity and hydrogen

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Q: What is an example of a secondary energy source?
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What is a source of energy that needs another source of energy to produce it?

A secondary

Is electricity a secondary source of energy?

No. Lightning bolts are not secondary.

Is geothermal energy a primary or secondary energy source?


Is solar energy a secondary source?

no its a tertiary

What does Secondary sources of energy mean?

That means that there is a primary source of energy, and the secondary one is used incase the other fails.

What is secondary energy conversion?

Secondary energy is converted from primary energy sources. Electricity is the most common example of a secondary energy source. Electricity is converted from coal, gas, nuclear plants, windmills, solar panels and even running water.

What is a primary energy source and how does it differs from secondary source?

no se next please

What an example of an secondary source?

an example of a secondary source is a history/textbookbook, websites, reviews, encyclopedia, dictionary.annotations or commentaries on primary sources such as cases or legislators.

What is in a primary source?

Original letters or documents, for example. A secondary source would be an essay, for example, about the original source.

Primary and secondary resources of water?

Rainwater is an example of a primary source of water. Water from a pumping station is a secondary source of water.

Why is electricity such a usefull source in energy?

Electricity , as a secondary source of energy, is easy to transport and easy to be converted at end energy use point to energy the form needed (as in lighting, heating, industry, transportation, etc.). Electricity by itself as secondary energy source is environmentally clean secondary energy source. Pollution caused by its production depends on the type of the used primary source (coal, oil, gas, nuclear energy, wind, etc.) However, electricity is usually produced in thermal power plants at efficiency less than 50%. So, it is expensive high grade secondary energy source.

Is a light bulb non renewable?

Electricity is a secondary power source. It depends on what is used to generate it. Wind, water or solar are all renewable or use little or nothing after the original manufacture of the component's.