What is an avatar in a game?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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in the avatar game the avatar is a blue creature like a human but not and is on an avatar planet but avatar the game comes from a movie and that is all about an avatar in the game.

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Q: What is an avatar in a game?
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When did Avatar - video game - happen?

Avatar - video game - happened in 1979.

When was Avatar - video game - created?

Avatar - video game - was created in 1979.

Is there going to be an avatar game for PS3?

Yes, AVATAR the game will come out for the PS3 and the Xbox360.

Is there going to be a second avatar game?

there is. avatar the burning earth.

Is there a game where you create a avatar and can write notes to yourself?

There is not a game with a made up avatar. There are places where you can make your own game.

How do you become a avatar on avatar the game?

You play as Aang as well as others, so you ARE playing as the avatar...

What avatar game came second?

The second Avatar: The Last Airbender game is called "The Burning Earth"

Is there a game with a virtual house that you can decorate and have a virtual avatar?

sims is a game that you can have a virtual house that you can decorate and have a virtual avatar .

Is Avatar the video game selling on xbox360?

yes, avatar the video game is selling on x box 360

How do you defeat the avatar on level 13 in the game avatar?

your face! ha ha

Will there be an Avatar the Last Airbender game for ps3?

There probably will be since theres an avatar game for ps2 Nintendo DS etc.

Game played in Avatar the Last Air Bender?

The game played in Avatar: the Last Airbender is called Pai Sho.