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There are no cheats just codes

1.For fireballs up up down down left right left right ba on keyboard

2.For walking backwards /moonwalk

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Q: What is all the cheats for woozworld?
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Are there WoozWorld cheats?

There are NO WoozWorld cheats since some time in October.

What are the cheats in woozworld?

Woozworld was updated so no cheats will work anymore.

How do you put in a cheat code for woozworld?

No cheats are available for woozworld; the game team got rid of all of them on 2010.

What are all the cheats in woozworld 2013?

there is some cheats for wooz .go on than you can figure it out by your self

Are there any WeeWorld cheats if so please tell?

Are you talking about weeworld or woozworld cuz i know a load of cheats for woozworld!

Are there any cheats for woozworld?

No, sorry. The game team found and got rid of all the cheats on 2010, so it will not work.

What are some cheats on woozworld?

In 2010 Woozworld inventors blocked every cheats that was found on Woozworld so there are no woozoworld cheats bur if you go at the ballroo there is a lock the secret word of the lock is max&jenny2gether4ever when you type that you will get a free unit but beside that there is no cheats on woozoworld

What are the cheat for wooz on woozworld?

There are no cheats to get wooz.

How do you moonwalk in place woozworld?

You type in /moonwalk in the chat box. Add me! I'm CreepersGoBOOM on woozworld. Look at my video "3 Woozworld Cheats"

Is the a game exactly like woozworld without download?

DOWNLOAD Facebook Cheats: Woozworld Cheat | Woozworld Hack Wooz Beex VIP

What is a password for free wooz in Woozworld?

There are no cheats for free wooz.

Where do you put in the cheats for woozworld?

In the chat box, down below.