What is agenerator gujrati minig?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is agenerator gujrati minig?
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Can agenerator make electricity?

NOPE! Generator can't make electricity

What does gujrati mean?

gujrati is a Indian language that is similar to to say"how are you" in gujrati?:"kem cho(Kem-ch-O

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Is there a gujrati quota for fyjc in NL college malad?

yes , there is gujrati quota

What is mean by mokal in gujrati?

mokal (gujrati). in engalish(SEND).

This peninsula was known for gold minig?


What does na na mean in gujrati?

In GUJRATI NANA means your moms parents. Hope this helps

What job have in the mountain?

Type your answer here... coal minig

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job satcefaction minig

How do you say now you feel better in gujrati?

"Avey mane saru lage chey" is "Now I feel better" in Gujrati.

How do you say teacher in Gujrati?