What is adrenline?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Adrenaline is a hormone that is produced when a person is subjected to the "fight or flight" response.

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Q: What is adrenline?
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What are some describing words for basketball the sport?

Adrenline-rushing, sporty, competitive.

How would you treat Ecstasy at a hospital?

Most likely just ice packs and if an overdose adrenline shot.

In twilight how does edward explain his abilities to stop a van from hitting Bella?

He told Bella that it was an adrenline rush, that she could google it, its very common!

How do you get an adrenline rush?

When you are doing something that is dangerous or hikes your temper. For ex: while in a boxing match players can have an adrenalin rush or when a dog is chasing you, you can have an adrenalin rush

What is a adrenline rush?

When you preparing to do a stressful activity for a long period of time, such as long distance running ,the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline which gives you a energy boost, which gives you the feeling of increased strenght and agility.

How does adrenline effect heart rate?

Adrenaline acts on the Beta-1 adrenoceptors on the heart muscle to increase the heart rate and the force of the contraction. Leading to more blood being pumped around the body at a higher pace.

Effect of paint ball on your heart rate?

It truly depends on the type of person. If you are a calm collected person, then it should not have much effect. If however you get scared easily, the shots being fired at you could accelerate your heart and pump adrenline into your system.

Who use adrenline?

Adrenaline is the outcome of the fight or flight response which allows the body to react faster in the certain situations that are needed to survive such as pushing a car, lifting a extremely heavy object that is not within the person's limit of move ,or even "slowing down" time through perception in times of fright.

What is the best hammer in guild wars?

There is no best hammer and it all depends on wat you need it for "Perfect" as most call it is 15^50=15% damage while HP is over 50% 20/20 or Furious=20% penatration 20% chance or 10% chance for double adrenline +30=+30 HP

What can you do about your erection going away to soon?

think of something non-sexual like..sports soccer, skateboarding imagine your playin xbox live on mw2 or something and you got a tactical nuke or something or la crosse and your 10 feet away from makin a goal and you feeling the adrenline wearing tigher underwears and loose long shirts will help

Do girls have as much adrenaline playing video games?

Cheyaa we do, I play Halo 3 on xbox live like everday, I'm pretty daumn good at it too. I'm a Commander on Halo. I have like ALOT of adrenaline when I play, guys are just jealous cuz I'm to much have a G to handle xD. But yes girls have adrenline playing video games, well I know I do. Hope this helped.

When you feel frightened your body releases stress into your blood?

no when you are frightened your body releases hormones and nuerotransmitters, these are such things as adrenaline, this makes peoples heartrate much faster and also it makes people shake. When people feel frightened adrenline is triggered by the brain to be released into the bloodstream, this triggers the 'fight or flight' sensation in which the person conquers what they may be afriad to do such as fight someone or go absailing etc or they can run away and avoid the event.