What is activates glands?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Glands are activated by the hormones that are produced by the pituitary gland. It in turn is controlled by the secretions of the hypothalamus.

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Q: What is activates glands?
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What body system activates muscle and glands?

Nervous system.

What happens when intestinal glands secrete intestinal juice?

Intestinal glands are located in the epithelial lining of the small intestine and colon. What happens when the intestinal glands secrete intestinal juice is that trypsin activates other enzymes to aid in protein digestion.

Do sweat glands respond to heat?

it gets smelly when it drays :)

What gland activates by sympathetic nervous system produces epinephrine and helps the kidneys regulate sodium and potassium in blood and helps kidneys regulate the water balance?

The adrenal glands

What activates the enzymes in the cotyledon?

Water Activates it

What activates a G protein?

GTP activates a G-protein when it displaces the GDP.

Why are protein digestive enzymes produced and released in an inactive form?

In the case of protein digesting enzymes, known as endopeptidases, such as those secreted in the stomach (pespin), it is obvious. If they were secreted active they would digest the glands which secrete the enzymes themselves (gastric glands). Instead they must be secreted in an inactive form, which once in the stomach and exposed to HCl acid and other pepsin enzymes the pepsinogen activates and begins digesting protein.

What does reproductive glands do?

Well the penis creates hormone in men which activates there male secondary sex characteristics which makes their penis bigger,scrotum,testicles, and their beards etc. For the women they create two hormones estrogen and progesterone, estrogen activates the women secondary sex characteristics such as the enlarging of the breast,the widening of the hips and vagina, their menstration(period) begins etc.And progesterone is used to maintain the lining of the uteres

How does chewing gum prevent tooth decay?

Chewing sugar free gum can help prevent tooth decay because when you chew the gum, it activates saliva glands and produces saliva which in turn kills bacteria and helps clean the teeth of plaque.

No. 1 product code activates 2 computers?

No. 1 product code activates 2 computers

What activates the senses?

your nerves

Are sebaceous glands an example of aprocrine glands?

No. Apocrine glands are not sebaceous glands. They are specialized sweat glands.