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Accenting in nonverbal communication follows a rule-of-thumb so it is not confused with the same treatment as proper nouns, quoted names, and etc.

If we are writing an accented word or phrase, using the premise that all people do not speak the exact phrases as others, we must use emphasis in a way that all will understand. This calls for collaboration and consistency among the writers and teaching of these treatments in universities and private institutes.

What is being accepted as the norm for yelling at someone is using all capital letters in the word or phrase. To depict importance, underlining and bolding of letters are being used. Highlighting of a word or phrase has been used to draw attention to them on the page, within the paragraph, or a specific word.

Capitalizing each word in a phrase is another way of drawing the reader to that specific spot in the text, however this can be confused with the title of something, which is depicted with each word capitalized. Italics can be used in the place of capitalizing the first letter in each word when referring to a title which leaves the former open for use in emphasizing a phrase within the text.

The main rule-of-thumb is never mix the various treatments within the same text. Be consistent with your writings, using the accepted treatments as much as possible to widen your appeal among readers.

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Q: What is accenting in non verbal communication?
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