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Q: What is a way of living based on healthy attitude and action?
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Is the csiro diet suitable for teenagers?

Your daughter can do fine on this diet. It is based around a healthy style of living and eating, which is a great thing for anyone to get into.

What is the is the attitude of scientific-minded person?

The attitude of scientific- minded persons is always rational and based on facts not on myths and assumptions and presumptions.Their attitude life and things is objective and unbiased.This type of attitude leads to the discovery of truth.

action query?

performs an action on the table on which it is based

Based on what you have read what is Steinbeck's attitude toward the big companies?

He Dissaproves of them

Which is a Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao tzu?

Taoism is a Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao Tzu. It emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao, or the natural way of the universe, and promotes simplicity, compassion, and non-action.

Which type of region is based on people's attitude about the areas of the world?

Perceptual region

What is meant by an attitude of professional spectism?

An attitude of professional skepticism involves questioning information, assumptions, and evidence with an open and critical mind. It entails a healthy level of doubt and a willingness to thoroughly investigate and verify information to ensure that decisions and conclusions are based on reliable and credible sources. This mindset is important for professionals in various fields to maintain objectivity and integrity in their work.

What was Sonic the Hedgehog's personality based off of?

Sonic the Hedgehog's personality was based off of Bill Clinton's "Get it done" attitude.

How many germs are on a cats claw?

That is an unquantifiable question, cats claws would be likely to come into contact with bacteria but an actual figure would be based on how healthy the cat was and in what environment the cat was living in.

What does faith require to make it a living faith?

A living faith requires belief in something unseen, trust in the divine plan, and taking action based on that belief. It involves surrendering to a higher power and allowing it to guide one's thoughts and actions.

Can defensiveness be inherited?

No, people develop a defensive attitude over time based on experiences they have had

When it says that a strategy or intervention evidence based what does it mean?

Evidence-based means that the strategy or action is based on the results of a rigourous testing of an idea which can be repeated by anyone with the same equipment and obtain the same result. [also scientific method]. The result from testing is now evidence, or a fact. Action based on the result then relies on fact to guide action. Action based on faith, dreams, or you saw once that it happened this way is noot based on evidence.